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What is Safe Grabs and Why I Use Safe Grabs?

Do you often burn your fingers when you take hot plates out of the microwave? Well, this incident is one of the most frequent ones that people face in their kitchen room. Because most of the time, people take out the microwaved food with bare hands or hold the hot cookware in an absent mind, or do not want to use any napkin or hot pad.

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But is there any solution to stop this accident?  To prevent this type of accident using Safe Grabs for your kitchen room can be the best solutions. It is an excellent kitchen appliance, and you can have it in the kitchen to make your kitchen tasks more comfortable, faster without facing any accidents.

However, this article will tell you what safe grabs are, why one should use this, and many more things. So, keep reading for more info!

What Is Safe Grabs?

Do you know- What is Safe Grabs? It is a silicone made kitchen appliance which is a simple but useful potholder. It is specifically designed to carry hot food cookware or pot not to face any burning issue.

You can move dishes from places where it is quite challenging to carry hot food cookware such as from a stove or a microwave.

This appliance can come in handy in the situation if you are someone who is really not a napkin user lover or often tends to take out microwaved food dishes with bare hands. Safe Grabs for your kitchen room is a perfect appliance that will make your cooking tasks easier and prevent you from burning your hands because it is silicone made.

Safe Grabs

And, you must be aware that the silicone provides heat proof performance in all conditions. Moreover, it will not be a danger to your health since it is BPA free.

How Do Safe Grabs Work?

The safe grab is a pot grabber or holder but a little bit different from the ordinary potholders. You can use this holder for other tasks as well. The main secret that differentiates this unique potholder from other pot holders, such as a napkin, hot pad, oven glove, etc. is that it uses silicone as heat proof protection and the one who uses it to grab hot cookware stays safe from burning skins.

Moreover, its super grip quality will save you from dropping the hot cookware on the floor, such things happen especially from overheating. With a Safe Grabs, you can carry any cookware that is heated up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit since it can tolerate this heat without creating any problem. Here, in below, we have shown how exactly the safe grab works-

  • You can easily grab the foods from the microwave since this potholder can be used inside of the microwave because it has heat resistance up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and will not become hot and will not melt inside the oven.
  • After using, the messes of it can be removed easily even without any use of detergent. All you need to do is rub it and wash it under running water in your dishwasher.
  • It provides a super grip handling performance so with it your pots will not be slippery.
  • With safe grabs, you can even open a jar lid if you face difficulties opening it.
  • When you use it in microwaves your food will not be mixed with harmful chemicals since it is BPA free.

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Why I Use Safe Grabs?

Now, does this question pop up in your mind- Why I use safe grabs? Or is it worth buying for my kitchen or not? Well, Safe Grabs for your kitchen room is one of the essential things that you should own for the kitchen. Below we have mentioned some lucrative benefits of using Safe Grabs which will ultimately convince you to use this pot holder-

Heat Resistant

One of the best parts of using a Safe Grabs for your kitchen room is that it is high temperature resistant and allows you to use it to grab hot cookware up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a high temperature resistant since it is a silicone made kitchen appliance. And even you can use it on the inside of a microwave without worrying about it melting down. This device’s users and popularity are gaining steadily around the world because of this heat resistant capability.


Safe Grabs are washable and there is no problem to wash it although it is considered as a gadget. After using the safe grabs, it is a must that it will be dirty. But, you do not have to go through much hassle washing it since the dirt of it can be removed by simply rubbing it and washing it under running water in your dishwasher and it will be as clean as new. Even any soap or detergent is not needed to use to wash it.

Strong Grip

Your pots will not be slippery anymore when you use Safe Grabs to hold them because this gadget provides a super grip handling performance since it is made of silicone layers. So with it, you will have better control and your cookware or  food will be safe and sound.

BPA Free

Safe Grabs is BPA free, so when you use it in microwaves your food will not be mixed with harmful chemicals and your health will be safe. And you do not have to worry about having a reaction with your food with harmful chemicals and microwave your pot meals with it without any hesitation.

Multi- Purposes Use

Along with holding hot cookware, there are other uses of this device too, which make it a multi-purpose using device. You can use it to open the lid of a jar or can be used as a dish cover. Even it is a fridge-safe device so you can use it to cover the food or box that you wish to keep in the fridge. That way, your food will remain fresh in the fridge, and there will be no chance to mix any harmful chemicals with the food.

See with one kitchen device, how many advantages you are getting. So, why not should you use a device which offers lots of benefits?

Final Thought

To get rid of common problems of the kitchen rooms such as burning the hand or slipping of the pot from hand, Safe Grabs can be the ultimate solution. It should become one of the top priorities in your kitchen room because of its excellent heat resistant and safe material.

And when you start using one, you will notice a notable difference between these grabbers and napkins or others. So, why are you waiting? Grab Safe Grabs for your kitchen room now and stay safe!

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