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What is a side burner on a gas grill used for?

Most modern gas grills come with side burners with them. A side burner allows you to cook other food items and side dishes along with your main grill. The primary grill grate is used to make your favorite grills, and side burners help you save time and effort. Your 6 burner gas grill with a side burner benefits you making grilling foods faster than ever.

The importance of having a side burner is often overlooked. But as a grill-lover, you should know the answer to the query- what is a side burner on a gas grill used for? When overnight guests arrive or for outdoor cooking, you need to cook things faster to serve. In this case, a side burner can come handy to support your cooking. Also, a side burner’s benefits are many, including separate temperature control, cook side dishes, cook sauces and glazes, and more.

How many burners do I need on my grill?

Depending on your preferences, you need to consider how many burners you need on your grill. Most gas grills have multiple burners on them. These burners allow you to cook and control the temperature differently. So, you can prepare different types of grilling foods for your family and friends or guests. Also, you have to consider the size of the barbecue you are going to make.

If you are going to sever grills for a medium-sized crowd, whether for your family or guests, you might have to have a gas grill having at least four burners on it. On the other hand, you will be required more than that if you want to make grills for more members. So, it depends on the barbecue’s size and the number of people you want to serve grills for them.

What is a side burner on a gas grill used for?

So, let’s dig deeper to seek the answer to the question- what is a side burner on a gas grill used for? There are many benefits of having a side burner to cook side foods like sauce. It provides a small cooking space in comparison to the primary grate for making grills. You have full control over the temperature on a side burner to prepare your side dishes.

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It also saves your time and energy while trying to cook different types of side foods and the grills to serve your people. Having separate temperature control enables you to cook things at different temperatures than the main cooking grate of a gas grill. However, I will share the benefits of having a side burner on your gas grill through this article.

Temperature control

You must have a gas grill at home as a grill-lover, and you know that the primary grate receives exceptionally high heat on that side of the cooking surface. Therefore, it is convenient to cook grill, steak, ribs on the main cooking grate as they require high heat for proper and evenly cooking. You might find difficulties when you are going to cook small items like vegetables, sauces, and other things that do not need to provide high heat.

In this situation, a side burner comes handy to cook these side items, whereas your main cooking surface is making grills on high temperatures. You can control the temperature in both the primary grate and the side cooking surface separately. It allows you to cook these things comfortably and nicely without burning out.

Save time

When you are outdoors, time is a crucial factor for you. The more time you can save for cooking, the more fun you can make outdoors. To protect your valuable time that you can spend doing other things like hunting, climbing, hiking, side burners should come handy in this place. Without cooking your side dishes separately, side burners allow you to cook these foods, including vegetables, sauces, glazes side by side.

Save energy

As you can cook both your grills and other side items simultaneously, a side burner can save not only the power but also your effort. What if you don’t have a side burner on your gas grill? You have to take preparation twice to cook grills and then side dishes. But a side burner can help you eliminate the hassle of doing these things separately. You can cook grills, vegetables, and side dishes for a large number of people.

Cook side dishes

While the gas grill’s primary grate is engaged to cook grilling foods for you, you can make other food items on the side burner simultaneously. Side dishes are light, and therefore, do not need high heat and so much time to cook them. But the grilling foods require more time. In the meantime, you can prepare other side dishes for you on the small cooking surface of the side burner.

Besides, it would be best if you need side dishes to combine with the main food item, grill. A side burner on your gas grill allows you to cook other food items separately because they receive different temperatures from the primary cooking grate.

Boil vegetables

While boiling vegetables, it needs low temperature to provide heat to the water. It should be one of the most beneficial aspects of a side burner on a gas grill. Just take a pot with water and place it on the side burner so that the water gets hot. When the water gets hot enough to boil vegetables, add your desired veggies in the pot for boiling. After a few minutes, you will discover cooked vegetables.

Final thought

So, a side burner is an essential part of a gas grill that benefits you in many ways. The answers are many to the question- what is a side burner on a gas grill used for? You can prepare side foods, sauces, boil vegetables, and more on a side burner while the primary cooking grate prepares the grills for you.

A gas grill with a side burner will take your outdoor experience to the next level. It does not need so much time to cook your delicious foods separately. At the same time, you can make grills, vegetables, sauces, and other food items on a side burner.

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