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PaleoHacks Cookbook Review- Is Paleo Hacks Cookbook Worth it?

Health is wealth, a very common but valuable saying, isn’t it? It might not seem valuable to those who do not get sick usually and stay healthy. But how many people actually do not get sick in these modern days? Most of the people nowadays are suffering from different frightening diseases, which were unheard of in the previous centuries. Those who suffer know how to value health. And to maintain good health a healthy diet is a must.

If you are conscious about maintaining health then you must have heard about the Paleo Diet. And in this article, namely PaleoHacks Cookbook Review, we will broadly discuss and analyze the difficulties of sticking to this diet and its solution.

The Paleo Diet is also known as the “cave dweller’s Diet”. The phrase Paleo Diet came from the words Paleolithic era. The key idea came from that era’s people’s healthy physical body and the diet of organic food. If the Caveman’s from that era can be benefitted from this type of diet, then why do we modern people cannot? Thus, banning the processed and preserved canned food, dairy, sugar, etc. and taking only the organic ones, the Paleo Diet is created.

Though the Paleo diet is good and you obviously know about that, you might fail in maintaining it. And if you are having difficulties in continuing the Paleo diet and searching for a solution, then you have come to the right place. Here, in this article of Paleo diet hacks, we will discuss one of the best-selling Paleo diet guide books of the market — PaleoHacks Cookbook.

What Is The PaleoHacks Cookbook?

The PaleoHacks Cookbook is a guidebook for the Paleo dieters. This is a Paleo recipe book containing over 125 recipes of different Paleo foods. Calling The PaleoHacks Cookbook a single book will be doing injustice to it, as it is actually a collection of 6 books. The PaleoHacks Cookbook is the main book, and the other five are actually PaleoHacks Free Cookbooks. They come with the main book as a free bonus.


This book is a digital, downloadable pdf file. The experts of the PaleoHacks team and a reputable chef, namely chef Samantha, have written this book after intensive research on the lifestyle of the Paleo dieters. They made innumerable recipes of Paleo foods for the people who find Paleo diet difficult. This guide book is easy to understand as it describes and explains the recipe step by step with no exaggeration. This book teaches even those people who do not have any idea about cooking in minutes.

The PaleoHacks Cookbook has many recipes for snacks, breakfast, salads, main meals, desserts and much more.

Why Do You Need The PaleoHacks Cookbook?

The modern people of this modern era are always busy. Every minute and every second is precious to them. They wake up early in the morning, go to their respective fields of work, studies and other things. They come home late at night and go to sleep. In the meantime, they get a very little period for eating. We, who are Paleo dieters, all know that making Paleo foods is a time-consuming task. Balance the calories and different nutrients of the food ingredients after determining what to make. Then you have to collect the ingredients from different supermarkets and at last cook them. Where is the time to do these things for the busy and working people?

Do they not need a healthy diet? How can they get the luxury of spending that much time? Don’t you worry about them at all! The PaleoHacks Cookbook is created specifically to meet the demands of these people. Most of the recipes that are included in this book require fewer ingredients and a lot less time to process. They are also very easy to cook.

This book also helps in buying ingredients as it describes what to get from where to make a delicious meal with fewer ingredients. The Paleo 4x Cookbook is created to  specially pay attention to fast cooking with only four ingredients. They are also very delicious. If you get bored with one recipe, you can just pick another.

What does The Package of PaleoHacks Cookbook Contain?

The PaleoHacks Cookbook package contains six books in total:

  • The PaleoHacks Cookbook: This is the major book that contains over 125 recipes of delicious organic foods devoid of sugar, dairy, grains and starch related foods. Meats are the principal ingredient of a lot of recipes in this book. Lamb, poultry and beef are used to create different varieties of dishes which can be new to you. Because they are made to balance the nutrients, calories and the needed time to cook. But they are not the least bit boring to eat, they are wonderful to taste and sometimes you may even wonder if you are really eating Paleo foods.

Most of the Paleo dishes cannot be cooked without eggs. Eggs are an important ingredient in the Paleo Diet. The PaleoHacks guide book has quite a lot of recipes dedicated to this ingredient. The recipes for different fresh and nice looking salad dishes took their places in this guide. Recipes for various saliva producing dishes – snacks, seafood, desserts, soups are also given there.

  • Paleo 4X Cookbook: Again, it’s time for the busy but picky eaters! Paleo friendly dishes are always hard to cook without any direction. There are lots of and lots of work involved in it. Balancing nutritions according to our bodily needs is a very daunting task to do. Then thinking about what to make, what to buy, where to buy, boil it or fry it, oof! We do not have all the time in the world just to make a single boring meal! But, wait, my friend! Here comes The Paleo Four X Cookbook that intends to solve your problem once and for all.

If you dislike wasting time in the kitchen but want to have delicious food that will not go against your Paleo diet, then this guide book is specially made for you. It has over 60 simple and fast cooking Paleo recipes. You might think what is so special about them that I am being dramatic! Oh, they are special in that they include ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS, but the resulting dishes are mouth watering. No more eating time, your Paleo friendly dishes will be ready to be served in front of you in minutes.

  • Eating Paleo at Restaurants: A journey of Paleo diet is not a temporary thing. It is not like you will drop it when you reach your goal of making your body lean and losing certain weight. You have to continue to stick to it.

But there are occasions when you cannot eat at home. We need to go outside for our job purposes or other things. We cannot cook out Paleo dishes ourselves. So what to do? Do we cheat and take some fast food or unhealthy food from Restaurants? The Eating Paleo at Restaurants guide book comes to our help in this situation. This manual teaches us how to pick foods at restaurants and eat them without any issues at all. You can eat outside food but still can stay Paleo, unbelievable and amazing, isn’t it? Yes, this manual also teaches us how to avoid spiked dishes at restaurants and how to make your server understand what you exactly need. Thus, eating at restaurants will not be able to prevent you from staying Paleo.

  • PaleoHacks Thirty Day Jumpstart: Some of us who are new to Paleo diet, tend to make some common and silly mistakes due to impatience. They want to see their physical improvement fast but cannot maintain a proper diet. Wanting immediate results but not having proper Paleo dishes are not welcome to anyone. For these people, the PaleoHacks team and chef Samantha created some guidelines by observing the numerous members of the PaleoHacks community. These guidelines are compiled in a book called The PaleoHacks Thirty day Jumpstart.

This guide teaches us the basics of the Paleo diet. It helps us to reach our goal by making us what the steps of success are. It ensures that you will not fail in picking the right ingredients and choosing the right procedures to improve your health. It provides a journal in order to record your daily physical data and thoughts by which you can clearly understand your improvement.

  • The Paleo Food Guide: Many people think that Paleo diet limits their food choice. As it bans easy to cook preserved goods, canned foods, dairy, sugar and other fast foods, many complain that they cannot eat the delicious food they were used to before.

The PaleoHacks team has taken this point into consideration and created this book named The Paleo Food Guide. This book gives you a complete list of ingredients and foods from different categories. With this guide, you will not have any lack of food choice. You have to just expand one category and you will find hundreds of food combinations in that category.

From the given shopping lists, you will have plenty of time to choose and from the exact amount of ingredients needed to make a dish you can save your money and buy another package for your dinner. This book also tells you what vegetables and what fruits you will find fresh in what seasons.

  • One Month Paleo Meal Plan: The most amazing and tension relieving thing to ever exist in the world of Paleo dieters is this One Month Paleo Meal Plan book.

The PaleoHacks Cookbook series is the best cookbook for the Paleo dieters, with no doubt. But there is so much information and recipes that you have to study and find out the suitable ones for your diet plan. You have to select recipes for your breakfast, your lunch, your dinner, snacks, salads, etc. You also have to determine when to eat and when to cook. What a daunting task! Some people freak out at this point and their determination to stick to Paleo wavers.

To solve this problem and to push you further onto the path of the Paleo diet, the PaleoHacks team introduces The One Month Paleo Meal Plan book. In this book, everything is arranged like a routine for you. The over 120 recipes are categorized and differentiated into several sections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will just have to follow the plan without wasting your brain power and time. It seems like you are lazing and they are feeding you by their own hands. What more do you want from a Paleo diet guide book?

What are the Benefits of The PaleoHacks Cookbook?

This cookbook makes a Paleo dieter’s life easier. This is the greatest benefit a person can get from a particular thing. Who wants a life full of difficulties? And to add to the point, this difficulty originates from the selection of food, it has to be a nutritious one at that. These complex, hard and fast rules of The Paleo Diet dampens the mood of most people so that they cannot continue to stick to this plan. But, fret not, The PaleoHacks Cookbook is here to make these rules vanish and turn the process of selecting recipes, gathering ingredients and cooking very simple for you.

Another benefit is that this guide book acts as a brilliant assistant for the beginners who want to switch to the Paleo diet from other diets. They provide everything in the book, the newcomer only needs to select one option and continue from there.

Once you buy and download the PaleoHacks products, you will be automatically regarded as a member of the huge PaleoHacks community. As a member, you will get more benefits regarding your health, new recipes, your problems in cooking and other things. By communicating with the other members of the community, you will understand more about this diet. The more you understand, the more physical fitness you will gain.


  • The PaleoHacks Cookbook comes with five bonus books. These PaleoHacks Free Cookbooks make the main book more complete.
  • A digital guidebook that can be used anywhere and in any device to make your Paleo life easier.
  • Dishes can be selected according to personal individual taste from over 125 recipes.
  • All the mentioned dishes are easy to make.
  • One only needs a few minutes to cook a delicious meal by following the steps given in the book word by word.
  • A person who never cooked before can cook a delicious meal by just following this book.
  • It helps you to build your body as you wish with no artificial ingredients.
  • Even if you are not satisfied with it after buying, the PaleoHacks team gives you a two-month money-back guarantee.
  • It is inexpensive and affordable to buy.


  • Some recipes have photos, but not all of them. It would have been good if the author included the photos of the ingredients and all the cooking processes.
  • It is a digital pdf format e-book; you have to print it after you buy it.
  • The recipes are made considering the balance of calories and nutrition’s, so you cannot add or remove any more ingredients from the existing ones.

Where Can You Buy The PaleoHacks Cookbook?

As a digital e-book, you have to buy and download it from online marketplaces. You can use it on your e-book reader, phone, tablet pc or even your home computer. But if you prefer hard copies to soft copies, then you can print it out.

Also, the PaleoHacks Cookbook is a best seller Paleo cooking guide, so you can find it in most of the famous online marketplaces. But we recommend buying it from their official website. Their official website is: paleorecipeteam . The official price of this guidebook is less than 15 dollars.

Is The PaleoHacks Cookbook Legit?

Every community prefers old and current trends to the new ones. New is always scary to some people who are blinded by their superstitions. They do not use logic to determine the true value of a new product or trend. Similarly, the Paleo Dieting trend is a new one that is currently being seen in the form of Paleo communities.

Some experts believe that The PaleoHacks Cookbook is a scam. The Paleo diet itself is not appealing to them. They think the Paleo dieters are following the ancient Caveman’s and trying to follow their diet just to sate their curiosity. It has no benefit in maintaining their physics. But they are wrong, absolutely wrong.

The PaleoHacks Cookbook is legit, and it can be known from the sheer number of members of the PaleoHacks community.

This sheer number of people are not being fed by the PaleoHacks team just to say some good words about them. They are spending their own money to stick to the Paleo Diet in accordance with the PaleoHacks Cookbook. As you know that no sane people will spend money after something in which they have found no benefits at all. So you tell me, if the PaleoHacks Cookbook is not legit, why are these people not abandoning it?

PaleoHacks Cookbook Review – Our Verdict

After an intense research and comparison of several Paleo dish cooking guide books, we have concluded to recommend The PaleoHacks Cookbook. Though it is not very strict as other books are, it excels them in compiling over 125 excellent and easy-to-understand Paleo friendly recipes and the 5 bonus free PaleoHacks books.

The Paleo Diet is not simply a diet, it is a lifestyle. Those of you who were with me throughout the entire article, The PaleoHacks Cookbook Review, will certainly acknowledge this statement. I think you are also interested in The Paleo food hacks to keep your body healthy and fit; and that’s exactly why you’re still here. If you have questions or suggestions for us regarding this review, please comment below to let us know. Have a happy journey on the path of your Paleo lifestyle!

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