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Odor Removal: 10 Instant Cures for Every Kitchen Odor

It can be quite frustrating having to endure kitchen odors that keep on lingering no matter how you clean your kitchen. I don’t think there is someone who likes a bad smell because it is unpleasant and unbearable. Many people don’t know this awful smell can negatively impact your health if the right precaution measures are not adhered to.

You can try instant cures for every kitchen odor that guarantees a nice smelling kitchen. These cures are a combination of the right ingredients that work effectively to ensure your kitchen’s smell is no longer awful. Some of the instant cures are easy to find and will not cost you much.

Odor Removal: 10 Instant Cures for Every Kitchen Odor

We can all agree that kitchen odors are very irritating, mostly when you spent hours indulging in kitchen odor removal procedures but the bad smell still remains. You may not even want visitors in your home anymore because this smell spreads typically to cover the entire house.  It gets worse when this smell happens to stick on your clothes, meaning anywhere you go, that bad smell will be on you. How bad can it get!

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The good news is you don’t have to keep up with kitchen odor anymore when you can make use of instant cures for every kitchen odor. These instant cures are a must-have for every home because they are effective and dependable. When you are consistent in their use, you can be assured that your kitchen’s smell will be transformed to your astonishment.

The 10 instant cures for every kitchen odor include;

1. Baking soda

To ensure that your kitchen smells nice, you can place some bowls with a mixture of baking soda in various positions in the kitchen. While baking soda is usually used to eliminate the fridge’s unwanted smell, it can also be used in the kitchen area, specifically as an air freshener. By doing that, the bad smell is eliminated while the fresh scent is maintained.

2. Lemons

As simple as it sounds, lemons are excellent in air purification. They are efficient in cleaning the air that you will be surprised at how fast they work. Cut lemon slices and place them in various spots without forgetting to make use of lemon peels. You can alternate by using a deep orange peel at times when the months are cooler and lemon during springtime.

3. Charcoal

This is another instant cure for your kitchen that you didn’t know of.  The chemical properties of charcoal are what make it absorb odor lingering in the air. However, you have to ensure you use natural charcoal for best results.

4. No wet sponges

Most of us have a habit of leaving wet sponges unattended in the kitchen. Wet sponges attract smelly bacteria that end up making sponge stink, and that’s how your whole kitchen’s bad smell originates from. Curb the growth and multiplication of this bacteria by making sure that you squeeze out excess water after use. When you are done, place the sponge on the spot with good airflow. When it dries, your kitchen will no longer have any smell.

5. Take out the garbage

Sometimes we get so lazy such that we don’t take out the trash. It’s until the kitchen starts having garbage stench that we remember taking out the garbage. It would be best if you disciplined yourself to empty the trash and cleaning the trash can regularly. Wipe away the stuck debris with a wet paper towel and spray the trash can with a disinfectant spray. Allow the trash can to dry before the next use.

6. Exhaust fan

It is advisable to have your exhaust fan working anytime you are cooking to keep the air inside your kitchen clean and fresh. Before you use the oven, switch on the fan if you are keen on maintaining fresh kitchen air.

7. Prevent bad smell

It would be best if before the stink commences, you fight it. That is the only way to ensure the bad smell does not build up in the first place. Get some salt and sprinkle on the oven spills that will give you an easy time wiping, doing away with the smell even before it occurs.

8. Clean the drain

If you check your kitchen sink keenly, you will notice a buildup of all sorts of gunk that keep on growing. Neglecting to clean your sink is what makes the drain release odor. Pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of salt in the drain and scour it thoroughly. When you are done, pour boiling water directly into the drain and let it sit for some minutes before running cold water to wash away the dirt and freshen up the place.

9. Homemade air freshener

If the scent of the food you cooked last night keeps lingering, you can try using a homemade air freshener to clean the air. It works effectively and extremely fast.

10. Put a stop to cooking smells

Fried fish is one of the meals whose smell is pungent and keeps lingering. To do away with the scent as you clean up, place a saucepan with some water on the stove and add three tablespoons of vinegar. Let the water boil and let it keep boiling for a few more minutes so that the steam spreads through the kitchen. The vinegar mist works remarkably well in neutralizing kitchen odor.

Final thought

If you are an avid cook, it is evident that you indulge in cooking various dishes whose smell ends up sticking to the wall. It can get frustrating if you want to try another dish, but the previous dish’s scent still smells in your kitchen. It is time you took control of your kitchen by using instant cures for every kitchen odor.

Instant kitchen odor cures work efficiently, leaving your kitchen clean and smelling fresh. Don’t let kitchen odors spoil your day when instant cures can provide the best solution. You are now on the recovery road of having your once good-smelling kitchen back.

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