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How to Start Grill

Speaking of experience, gas grills may not be easy, to begin with, but these are exceptionally better than the traditional way of grilling through the use of coals.

It also cuts off the risk of inhaling fire smoke caused by charcoal and some of us are also not so fan of smoky taste.

If you are still behind the grilling race, depend on us for helping you to pick the best barbecue grills out there. Click at the link to land on the page filled with best options.

After having one, let us help you to get a comprehensive idea of starting or igniting it.

How to start a gas (natural or propane) grill?

Since it’s a grilling season, many of you would love to have an outdoor party with the family to eat grilled food. I can already imagine the grilled meat fraught with grilled veggies around it. Yummy!

How to Start Grill

So to render the event successful, let’s learn how to start your grill following the detailed guide on all steps.

Step 1: Open the lid of the grill

The first and foremost step to begin with the process is to open the lid of your grill. Then wait for a few as such 5 to 7 minutes. Avoid pushing the starter button or igniting the gas through the connections as it can lead to a terrible explosion with a closed lid.

Step 2: Hook the grill with a gas connection

Now make use of the user manual to get the hint for how to connect your grill with the gas connection, if you are doing it for the first time. If you have set up the grill inside the kitchen or somewhere near your kitchen, you can also lend your main gas connection to supply gas to your grill.

Otherwise, you can also make use of a gas canister to portably make the direct gas connection but be cautious while doing so. If your grill is automatic, things would get a little easier on your end because the manual ones take so much time and vigilance even after making a secure connection.

Note: Please have your main gas connection checked beforehand to ensure there is no gas leakage.

Step 3: After connecting, turn on the supply

Later on, having the smooth connection inspected time and again, it’s time to inaugurate the gas or propane supply. However, after turning the supply on, you should again examine the gas leakage by sniffing near the main supply or canister. If everything seems fine, move on to the next step quickly.

Step 4: Start the grill

Eventually, finish the process by igniting the grill. Having the automatic grill, you will find the knobs on the front panel of your grill which you can rotate according to the required flames. For sure the mission has been successful if the grill ignites without any issue. Though your grill may have a different system to initiate it, you can always check the user guide to get assistance.

If each of your grill burners has a separate knob, you will have to rotate each knob to activate all the burners. Moreover, some grills also have a separate starter button for the grill which you will need to press to catch the sparks from the gas supply. All in all, it is a little complicated for the first time and then it is a breeze. With time, the steps will be at your fingertips.

To start a manual gas grill

On the other hand, if you own a manual gas grill, it will require a little extra time to ignite the burner.

The process for the manual gas grill is similar to the above-mentioned automatic gas grill except for the ignition part (last part). After connecting the grill with the supply and also turning the supply on, you need to light up the burner using the conventional match stick. This might turn out to be risky if you do not do it with lots of care.

  • Find the lightning hole in your grill. It is supposed to be around or near the burners. The majority of the grills have it on their sideline. If you still can’t disclose it, head over to the manual guide. In fact, before starting with the procedure, you should give the manual a read at least twice for a thorough understanding because you might mistake some other part as an ignition hole and such messing can be dangerous.
  • After that, take a matchstick holder and hold a match stick in it.
  • Light up the match stick.
  • Enter the match stick holder inside the hole and ignite the burner.

No matter how simple it may sound or appear to be, being a beginner, let’s be careful throughout.

Depending upon your ability and ease for if or if not you can handle a manual grill, make your decision wisely between choosing any of these two grill types. If you use the grill quite often, the automatic one would be the safest choice since no risk should be taken for anything that has to be done time and again.

For occasional grilling when you are also helped by your friends or other family members, go for the manual grill. However, please be conscious enough not to do the grill party at home or any other close area. It should be an outdoor event that is safe for you for so many reasons.

What safety precautions one must take while grilling?

Grilling is all fun until the fire extremes up and causes the bystanders an injury. So grilling is a kind of event that you would most likely do with your family around and that also includes children. You must keep this fact in mind that the fire can ignite unnecessarily out of control anytime so you should have something at your hand to get away with it.

The reasonably best option, in this case, is water. Water is the most competent enemy of fire all in all. If you have a water connection designed on your lawn, keep the pipe nearby. Otherwise, keep a bucket full of water nearby to help yourself in silencing high flames and even an explosion.

Do you need to season a gas grill?

Seasoning a gas grill, especially a new gas grill, is not mandatory but still appreciative. The seasoning will not only improve its performance but also prevent the food from sticking. This will straight away save you from the hard work of scraping the glued food junk the next morning. Apart from cooking on a nonstick pan, you will also be able to experience the use of the nonstick grill. In addition, it is a worthwhile approach in the long run as the seasoning also prevents rusting which will help in maintaining the appearance of your favorite outdoor grill.


If besides being a beginner at starting the gas grill, you have also lost the manufacturer’s user manual of your grill, you should avoid doing it on your own.

To make it easy and quick for yourself,  you should ask for someone’s help who has previously got the relevant experience to inaugurate the grills.

I'm Laura, I like all the kind of delicious grilled foods which makes me hungry all the time I see them. That's why I built this blog to share with you all of my Grilling experiences, recipes, and all the tips about foods that I've learned from food experts.

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