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How do you use a coffee dispenser?

I’m pretty sure that you’re one of the millions who love to take coffee. And you’ve also accustomed to using a coffee machine. By the way, a coffee dispenser is a machine that helps you make tasty flavors to mix up water, coffee beans, and other ingredients together.

It gives you the best coffee flavor you can ask for, along with the sweetest quality. Now the question is, How do you use a coffee dispenser? Well, we are going to talk about it thoroughly in our guide. Let’s hear it out.

How do you use a coffee dispenser?

Dispensing coffee is not as hard as people think it is. Here let’s have a proper guideline on how do you use a coffee dispenser?

The first thing you have to know is about different dispenser types. You will get 3 types of pretty well-known dispensers in the market. As per their usage and quality, the process also becomes different from each other.

Well, every machine comes with basic guidelines that aren’t much different from others. But you should follow some tricks and tips to have a great output. Although they are not much different from the basic follow-up, you should follow some tricks and guidance. This way, you can get the best performance out of them.

The 3 types of dispensers are,

  • Hot Drinks
  • In-Cup
  • Manual

As you have already learned that they have different facilities and working processes, let’s talk about them.

Hot Drinks:

If you want the highest quality coffee machine with dispenser, then it would be the listed one. But you need to spend more for them. This kind of dispensers is the highest quality and the most expensive one. They are like a one-man army in the market. They offer extreme and the best quality coffee you can expect.

Although not all the hot drinks machines provide the highest quality dispensed coffee. Some of them have an exclusive grinder that can use ground coffee beans. Some dispensers can use only pre-ground coffee beans. Pre-ground coffee beans are dried and frozen, which makes them clean and stable for a long time.

Talking about the lowest quality among hot drinks, they use granules. It is the lowest quality among hot drinks dispensers, but they are still more affordable and contain great taste compared to others.

Talking about, How do you use a coffee dispenser? For the hot drinks, follow our steps carefully.

  • You should measure the right amount of coffee according to your needs.
  • First, provide the proper beans to the dispenser according to your measured amount. It can be ground bean, pre-ground bean, or granules.
  • Press the activation button, and the machine will become active automatically.
  • Take the proper measurement of water.
  • Measure the coffee-water ratio as needed. You may have a manual that comes along with your dispenser.
  • Boil the water below the boiling point. It will help not to burn the coffee.
  • Pour measured and enough boiled water with beans or granules.
  • So, the mixing slowly doesn’t rush to pour them so fast.
  • Do the brew if you want to.
  • Then add any additional flavor items like milk, sugar, or anything you want.
  • If all those steps are done, then put them into the dispenser and let it do the job.
  • Collect the coffee with a cup or anything underneath the chamber.
  • Maintain a regular cleaning as the chamber gets residue from the beans and other additions every time.


Even though the name is different, the dispensing mechanism is pretty much like the hot drinks’ dispensers. The basic difference is that you don’t have to put any cup under the chamber manually. It has shape requirements that allow you to put the exact size into it.

The dispenser will automatically store the coffee into the cup. This built-in coffee storage system is quite likable and makes it a much better choice in the shops. You can buy those cups in the market as they are available everywhere.

In the short term, the process would be like,

  • Measure the coffee amount you want.
  • Provide the beans or granules into the pot.
  • Measure water and boil them below the boiling point.
  • Pour them with the beans or granules.
  • Brew them if you want.
  • According to your preference, add some other additive.
  • You can add other ingredients if you want.
  • Use recommended cups to get the coffee.


Manual machines are the most affordable dispenser, and the quality is also the lowest. But if the facility reduction does not bother you, then you can gladly go for one. The cost is much lower than any other dispenser, and there is no automatic feature as the name says manual.

You need to do everything by yourself. So, less cost and more effort that is what a manual dispenser is. Now, talking about process, there are 2 types of manual machines available.

  • The first one has processes like,
  • These dispensers have two different spaces for water and coffee grounds.
  • You have to boil the water first.
  • Then fill the water chamber with the boiled water.
  • In another chamber, fill it with the necessary amount of coffee grounds or granules.
  • Then push the given holder so that the water can pass through the coffee grounds.
  • Receive it with a cup.

The second one is the absolute basics. It does not have any different chambers. There is only one chamber, and that is for the hot water. The overall process is like,

  • Fill the chamber with water.
  • Take boiled water from the chamber with a cup.
  • Instantly add the beans or granules into the water.
  • Add other ingredients.
  • Now, go for mixing them and enjoy your drink.

How do you maintain it?

The maintenance is a compulsory work that comes along with a cup of coffee. But it is not that complicated—just a few steps to follow.

  • Make sure that there is no coffee or water left behind.
  • Clean the chambers by wet cloth.
  • If the chambers are removable, then wash them and soak them up.
  • Use some recommended solutions, if possible.
  • Don’t use water directly for cleaning.
  • Clean them as early as possible to get rid of dents easily.


A coffee dispenser would give you the best coffee taste you can imagine. It is not only affordable but also costs much lower than what you will get in a shop.

Having one of them would make you the pleasure of the working moment, sweet and warm. Don’t worry about usage. Follow our guide on, How do you use a coffee dispenser? It will help you to get every process nice and easy.

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