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Custom Reverse Flow Smoker – Smoke Meat to Excellence!

If you want to buy the ultimate tool for making deliciously smoked meat, you should buy a custom reverse flow smoker. You must be wondering, why? There are two main reasons why reverse flow smokers are better than regular offset smokers.

  • The custom reverse flow smoker is more durable
  • It gives a consistent cooking environment

If this sounds good to you, keep reading our article about the best reverse smoker as it will help you implement your cooking skills!

What is Reverse Flow Smoker?

A reverse flow smoker is the best equipment for smoking meats. This smoker has an elegant design as compared to a regular smoker. The goal of this smoker is to equally distribute temperature and maintain a thorough flow. It has an additional metal plate that protects the meat from overheating. It returns the smoke to the meat before venting it out the chimney. Let’s compare these smokers with traditional ones.

Traditional Smoker vs Reverse Flow Smoker

The main difference between a traditional offset smoker and a reverse flow smoker is that in a traditional offset smoker, a stack will be located at the end of the smoking chamber opposite the firebox. In a reverse flow smoker, it is located at the same end as the firebox. If you are thinking are reverse flow smokers better? Yes, they are much better than traditional smoker because they distribute heat evenly and gives delicious smoked meat.

Traditional Smoker vs Reverse Flow Smoker
Image Source: Boss BBQ Smokers

Vertical Insulated RF Smoker

Vertical water smokers are compact and take up little room. Because of their small size, they are more efficient than larger smokers, therefore they do not require as much fuel or power to operate. They are also among the most reasonably priced smokers on the market. All of this makes a vertical water smoker an ideal beginner smoker for someone who wants to give it a try but does not want to make a large investment.

Best Custom Reverse Flow Smokers

Reverse flow smokers are an investment to improve your smoking skills. In order to get the best custom reverse flow smoker for your needs and budget, you must do careful research. Luckily, we’ve scoured the internet and selected top rated competition bbq smokers for you. Here is the list of our top best reverse flow smokers for sale reviews below.

1. Lang BBQ Smokers 36″ Original Patio Smoker

Lang BBQ custom built smokers provides us with this premium offset smoker with user-friendly features, optimum heat guidance, and craftsmanship to last a lifetime for competition-worthy smoking. You’ll be connecting yourself up with a smoker that you can use, whether you’re competing or just wanting to wow a crowd, thanks to excellent craftsmanship that addresses your demands.

Lang BBQ Smokers 36″ Original Patio Smoker
Lang BBQ Smokers 36″ Original Patio Smoker

Safe to Use

This custom reverse flow smoker aids in the preparation of tasty food with its removable bottom storage rack, slide-out top shelf, and fixed wrap-around prep area. All of these aspects contribute to promoting a safe and comfortable cooking environment in order to produce high-quality meat. Another excellent feature of a custom built reverse flow smoker is an extended flat metal grate and a square metal tube structure that avoids warping.


  • Produces an enticing odor that attracts a crowd.
  • Heat design regulates smoke and heat to ensure that your meal tastes great.
  • This smoker’s high-quality build ensures that it will last a lifetime.


  • It is not suitable for beginners
  • This smoker offers a smaller cooking space

2. Yoder Reverse Flow Smokers

Yoder custom reverse flow Smokers claims to be the best competition offset smoker and we don’t see why we should question them. It can’t help but catch your attention, with its resemblance to a 19th-century steam engine. From stern to stern, it’s completely black, with a massive firebox and big steel wheels.

Yoder Reverse Flow Smokers
Yoder Reverse Flow Smokers

Easy to Use

This custom reverse flow smoker has 703 square inches of cooking area. you can even throw some burgers on the firebox grate. It weighs 315 pounds, so you’ll appreciate the huge wheels and large handle that make it easy to move. the thermometer is closer to the end of the chimney makes it easy to know what the temperature is at the end, which is likely to be cooler.

High-Quality Material

There are shelves in front of the main chamber lid, the firebox lid, and between the support legs, which is great for storing spare logs. To manage air intake, the firebox features one big endlessly adjustable baffle, and heat from the box reaches the main chamber far below the cooking surface, as it should. Moreover, this custom reverse flow smoker used high-quality material which makes it a must-buy.


  • Dual-damper through draft control
  • Thermometer mounted on cooking chamber door
  • Additional port for Temperature Gauge
  • Removable cooking grates in firebox


  • It is slightly expensive
  • Exterior paint tends to chip

3. Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

Oklahoma Joe is a brand that produces high-quality reverse flow smokers. This smoker has all of the features you’d expect from a high-quality smoker. Also, it has a heavy-duty design with several baffles, dampers for excellent heat regulation, and many other features.

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker
Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

Heat Regulation

The main chamber of this custom reverse flow smoker has 751 square inches of cooking space, while the firebox chamber has another 309 square inches. The four baffles can be used to direct heat and smoke into the main chamber before even heating and smoking. There are also a number of heat dampers to help with heat regulation. This device is built with a heavy-gauge all-steel body and a stainless-steel fuel basket.

Simple to Use

This custom reverse flow smoker is simple to use. It has a fantastic design, performs professionally, and is simple to change the heat content. Other features include cool-to-the-touch handles, a bottom shelf for utensils, extra gasoline, and wagon-style wheels for convenient movement. Overall, this product is a low-cost smoker with excellent performance and reverse flow capabilities. Moreover, this is a high-quality product that you will thoroughly love.


  • Long-lasting structure with high user security
  • It is simple to personalize and change one’s smoking preferences.
  • You can adjust the temperature on both sides of the smoker.


  • When the temperature rises too high, the paint on the firebox peels.
  • Baffles are difficult to clean.

How to Use a Reverse Flow Smoker?

Here are 6 simple steps to use a reverse flow smoker

  • Always marinate and if time allows, refrigerate your meat before cooking
  • Prepare your smoker by using aluminum foil
  • Add lump charcoal to fuel basket
  • Use a digital thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the steel chamber of the smoker
  • Open the vents to lower the temperature of the offset smoker and close them to raise it
  • When the internal temperature reaches 225 degrees Fahrenheit, you are ready to begin smoking. Close the lid and place the meat on the grill plates.

Temperature Variation in RF Smoker

Temperature control in your custom reverse flow bbq smokers is critical for precisely cooked food. You have to adjust air vents first. You should learn how to control your air vents. It is recommended to invest in your own air probe thermometer. Moreover, it will help you get the exact temperature reading. Meat smoking requires exposing the meat to temperatures of roughly 225°F for at least 4-8 hours. In order to control temperature variation in RF smokers gets yourself a smoker temperature control system. Furthermore, it will help you a lot in maintaining temperature.

RF Smoker- Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using RF smokers.


  • The use of a baffle plate results in a more uniformly distributed dispersal of smoke.
  • The greater insulation provided by the baffle plate contributes to a more stable internal temperature.
  • As it has greater uniformity, the meat does not need to be flipped mid-cook.
  • The baffle also serves as a searing plate, burning off the fat created by the meal on the grill gate above and imparting taste.
  • When additional fuel is added, the internal temperature is less prone to spiking and recovers to cooking temperature faster after the lid is lifted.


  • Reverse flow smokers use more fuel than ordinary smokers.
  • A reverse flow smoker takes longer to reach cooking temperature due to its design and the installation of an extra baffle.
  • The baffle is welded into some models, making cleaning more difficult.

Which is Better for Reverse Flow Smokers- Lang or Yoder?

Lang reverse flow smoker is better than Yoder. This smoker is a high-quality machine designed for competitive cooking and is simple to operate from start to finish. Buyers claim that the smoker enhances the flavor of their food and emits a pleasant aroma that draws others. It is available at an affordable price with excellent features. On the other hand, Yoder smokers cost more than any other similar-looking smoker. Moreover, many users complain about the exterior paint of Yoder smoker which tends to chip.

How to Choose the Best Custom Reverse Flow Smoker?

Reverse flow smoker is a great investment that will undoubtedly bring out the best in your meat smoking talents. But you have to conduct a thorough study to discover which reverse smoker is most suited to your demands and budget. You should consider the following points before buying a custom reverse flow offset smoker.


A smoker is nothing if it cannot withstand the test of time. If you want a heavy-duty smoker, you should constantly check into the construction of the smoker. Moreover, a heavy-duty smoker requires stainless steel, iron, or ceramic parts that will endure a long time and do not require much maintenance or cleaning.


If you are smoking the food yourself, a smaller smoker is required. However, if you are preparing meals for a large group, a larger unit is required. Also, a huge holiday feast necessitates a larger unit to appropriately prepare for the volume.

Fuel Type

Many smokers prefer to use a stick burner. A stick burner’s fuel is wood, which adds to the texture and flavor of the meat. To get the wood fires starting, you need to be precise and patient. This phase will take some time to figure out. If you are pressed for time, consider getting a gas-powered or electric smoker instead for a speedier start time. You can always concentrate on becoming more accustomed to using a stick-burning smoker. Natural wood delivers an unrivalled flavor for your smoker.

Temperature Monitoring

Most smokers need to close doors while their food is being smoked, so you’ll need a way to keep track of the temperature of your food. Investing in a separate thermometer is one approach to keep track of your meals. There are smokers with built-in temperature gauges; this is a nice feature to have if you want to monitor the food in your smoker.


The last aspect of your smoker that you should be concerned about is not letting smoke or heat escape. Some smokers feature locking locks, while others have secure lids that aid with this task. Moreover, if you can locate a smoker that guarantees secure latching, you should emphasize this functionality.


A smoker is nothing if it doesn’t last, so always look into the structure of the smoker you’re interested in and make sure to get your hands on a heavy-duty smoker. Also, pay attention to the material of the grates as well – stainless steel, iron, or ceramic, it all makes a difference.

Wrapping Up

All in all, you must have an idea now about what to look for in a custom reverse flow smoker, and perhaps even a clear picture of which smoker is suitable for you. While looking for an excellent smoker, look for one that smokes your meats with quality and strength, resulting in the right flavor every time.  Lang reverse flow smoker is the best option as it gives you amazing heat control and custom features. We hope that this article will help you choose the right product for yourself. Happy Grilling!


Are reverse flow smokers worth it?

Custom Reverse flow smoker is frequently considered the best alternative to conventional offset smoker. They are also an excellent tool for producing very delicious smoked meat because of their more equal temperature distribution and complete smoke flow. The offset smoker has good airflow for a clean burn, and the reverse flow delivers a more consistent cooking temperature.

Does a reverse flow smoker cook faster?

If you’re new to smoking food or simply want a more consistent smoker, you should try reverse flow smoker. It will provide a more even cooking temperature and eliminate the need to turn the meat. It’s essentially an offset smoker with a modern twist. Furthermore, it works by driving hot air and smoke under an extra metal plate and back through the cooking chamber to provide a more homogeneous cooking environment.

How to build a fire in a reverse flow smoker?

Filling your charcoal basket with roughly one chimney full of unlit lump charcoal is one of the initial stages. The next step is to add a couple of fire starters on top and light them. For the entire chimney, it will take hardly 10-15 minutes to be fully engulfed in flame. Once your smoker reaches the temperature of 225 degrees, you can add wood of your choice for great flavor.

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