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6 Tips for Making Perfect Rice with Rice Cooker

The Rice cooker is convenient stuff for making rice instantly and automatically. Unlike conventional rice cooking pots, it gives you some options to operate.

So, it’s important to know the science; otherwise, it will ruin your day for sure.

Here we are going to discuss how a rice cooker works, including 6 tips for making perfect rice with a rice cooker. I hope you will stay with us until the end. let’s get started.

The science of a Rice Cooker

The science of a rice cooker is obviously far more straightforward than rocket science. So don’t worry about it.

It contains three major parts:

  1. The heating source
  2. The bowl
  3. The heat controller or thermostat.

Once the power is on, the heating source starts to produce heat. The heat subsequently starts to spared across the inner pot. A thermostat is there, which is mainly a heat controller. The bowl or the container holds the measured water and rice.

Then the water gradually reaches its boiling point Due to the heat and eventually gets absorbed.

When  the water is fully absorbed, the temperature of the inner pot rises above the boiling point.

As a result, the water turns into steam and creates a hot environment there.

The thermostat plays its role in controlling the heat and save the rice from burning.

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Why rice cookers as oppose to Conventional rice cooking pot?

Conventional rice cooking is time-consuming and requires constant monitoring until it’s finished.

On the other hand, the electric rice cooker provides you with an option like the desired time set, low and high heat measurement, heat controlling, water measurement tools, etc.

In other words, here, you are facilitated with an automated rice cooking procedure. Once you pour the measured water depending on the quantity of the rice and set the timer, you are done. Your rice will be ready without further monitoring.

Some recent models like Rice Cooker with Stainless Steel introduces  many more handy options as well. You don’t have to go for the expensive rather, you can cook perfect rice even with a low budgeted one.

We are sharing six tips for cooking perfect rice in our next segment. Whether you have an older or sophisticated one, these six tips will make you a rice cooking expert. let’s go for them.

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Six tips for making perfect rice with rice cooker:

There is so much advises and tips regarding cooking rice in a rice cooker. But Surely, not all of these are effective or equally effective.

We have performed research and figure out six tips for cooking rice perfectly in a rice cooker. We also looked into the reasons responsible for making the rice burnt, failing to make fluffy rice, and so on.

Here are six steps following which you can ensure the best rice with your best dishes.


The very first step is rinsing the rice in the proper way. The very common mistake we usually make is rinsing the rice using the rice cooker bowl.

Remember, the body of the bowl is a container, not a rice washing tools. It contains water and rice only.

Take a plastic porous and wash the rice with fresh water. Rinse the rice with the porous until all the residual elements get washed out.

Leave the porous containing the wet rice for at least 10-15 minutes so that the water in it dropped out.

Knowing the water measurement:

Knowing the water measurement is really important. If you fail to add the proper amount of water for the particular rice quantity, it will not work at your desired level.

If you add more water than the requirement, your rice will be sticky and less water will leave it as a sticky granule of rice. So, proper measurement of water is a must.

Follow the instruction recommend on the packet or the container. Initially, you will face some challenges, but if you start with following the recommend instruction gradually, you will be able to do it yourself.

  1. Understanding the heat:

Well, you need the electric rice cooker for cooking rice instantly. But if you want to have the perfect fluffy rice, please have some patience.

After pouring the water and the rice in the container, cook it at the high heat. But once the water starts boiling, lower the heat.

You will see the outcome. Most of us use to cook the rice at the same heat. It will not ruin your rice, but a little manual heat control will bring up a better outcome for perfect rice.

Don’t take out forthwith:

When the timer shows that your rice is cooked already, switch off the power, and leave the cooker for a few minutes.

It is called the ‘Resting phase ‘of the rice. Please don’t take it out forthwith.

Take out the rice in a separate bowl or dish:

Once the rice completes its resting phase, please take it in a separate bowl before taking it on your plate.

The transformed environment has a positive impact on making the rice fluffy indeed.

Wash the container properly for next cooking

This is another negligence we use to show by not cleaning the container properly after cooking.

It is also recommended to wash the pot before cooking even though you washed it after cooking.

An unwashed container produces bacteria and may contain residual elements.

So leaving the pot unwashed and cooking in it is undoubtedly triggering  health concern.

Final words:

The Rice cooker is one of those kitchen appliances that change our Conventional cooking procedure.

So know how it works and become used to it. Making perfect rice with a rice cooker is as simple as water. But for some common mistakes, we use to fail to make it. I hope the tips mentioned earlier will be useful for you.

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